Margaret Krawecka is an interdisciplinary artist and designer who works in architecture, theatre and installation. Born in Krakow, Poland, Margaret spent nine years of her childhood in Kuwait, before immigrating with her family to Toronto. She studied architecture at the University of Toronto (BArch 2001), focusing her final thesis on the relationship between architecture and contemporary dance, and completed her MA Scenography at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, UK (2005). She then worked in Europe designing stage sets, creating site-specific installations, directing promenade theatre, and collaborating with dancers, physical theatre performers, and sound designers. Margaret has lived and worked in London, Dublin, Bilbao, Krakow, Nice, Kuwait and Toronto. She continues to develop her interdisciplinary practice, collaborating with others as well as working independently.

Scenography as formal externalization of psychological space . . .

Margaret's architectural background plays a key role in her creative approach to scenography, installation, and time-based work. She is interested in exposing essential hidden structures, patterns and diagrams in space and time, which can be applied to ordering narrative or configuring physical movement. Her work explores inner worlds and states of being, and giving form to the invisible and that which has been lost or cannot be expressed in words. She is inspired by the relationship between inner (psychological) and outer (physical) space and non-linear narrative structures in the work of David Lynch, Pina Bausch, Tadeusz Kantor, and Alain Robbe-Grillet. Margaret’s work also concerns itself with the importance of history and cultural memory.
The immersive environments and cinematic spaces Margaret creates often fuse installation, video projection, text, sound and choreographed movement to engage all of the senses and create unique experiences that try to capture an essence or revisit the forgotten places of our collective conscious. A rigorous research process is important in the creation of every project. More and more recently, sound plays a major role in her work.

2005                           MA Scenography
                                   Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, 
                                   University of London, UK
                                   (Study Placement: BAI Bizkaia Drama School, Bilbao, Spain)
2001                          Bachelor of Architecture
                                  University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design
                                  (2000: Exchange Program: Krakow Polytechnical University, Poland)
                                  (1999: Study Abroad Program: Nice, France)
                                  (1996: Hattie Aileen Sommerville Scholarship)

1996                          Graduated from the University of Toronto Schools (Ontario Scholar)


ongoing                             World Stage Design 2013 online exhibition featuring "The Hunger", web

2013                          "Space and Story: a retrospective", UTS Keys Gallery, Toronto

2012                          "Narrative Spaces: scenographic projects by Margaret Krawecka", Nova Resto Bar, Krak√≥w

2012                          The Hunger (adaptation to a forest setting)
                                  Site-specific multimedia immersive installation
                      Harvest Festival (Midlothian Farm, Burk's Falls, Ontario)

                                  Sunnyside Sunnyside
                                  Site-specific sound installation (solo)
                                  Fire on the Water multimedia beach party, Sunnyside Pavilion, Toronto
                                  Sunnyside Beach Juried Art Show & Sale, Toronto (Art Initiatives)

                                  Kaleidoscopic Landscapes
                                  Video projection (solo)
                                  FAT (Toronto Arts & Fashion Week)

2011                          Kaleidoscope
                                  Site-specific installation (solo)
                                  Sunnyside Beach Juried Art Show & Sale, Toronto (Art Initiatives)

2010                          Excavations
                                  Photography-based installation (solo)
                                  Polish Combatant Hall, Toronto Scotiabank Nuit Blanche (Art Initiatives)

                                  My Sunnyside
                                  Site-specific outdoor video & sound installation (solo)
                                  Sunnyside Beach Juried Art Show & Sale, Toronto (Art Initiatives)
                                  UTS Centennial Art Show, University of Toronto Schools

2009                          Fragment
                                  Video & sound installation (solo)
                                  Polish Combatant Hall, Toronto Scotiabank Nuit Blanche (Art Initiatives)
                                  Supported by the Ontario Arts Council

                                  Changing Room
                                  Site-specific outdoor sound & sculpture installation (collaboration)
                      Sunnyside Beach Juried Art Show & Sale, Toronto (Art Initiatives)

2008                          Cocoon Garden
                                  Site-specific outdoor sound & sculpture installation (collaboration)
                      Saint Patrick‘s Market Square, Toronto
                      Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Independent Project

                                  Site-specific outdoor sound & sculpture installation (collaboration)
                      Harvest Festival, Midlothian Farm, Ontario 

2006                          Empty Act
                                  Immersive sound installation (collaboration)
                                  Created for A Wander Beyond group exhibition
                                  curated by Michelle O'Phelan & Caoimhe Kilfeather
                      La Cathedral Studios, Dublin, Ireland

2005                          In Transit
                                  Site-specific performance & sound installation (collaboration)
                      Created with Future Cinema at the London Film Festival
                      SE1 / London Bridge Vaults, London, UK

2001                          Territory
                      Interactive installation (collaboration) 
                      Created for group exhibition curated by Milena Placentile
                      Gallery Este, Toronto


2012                          The Hunger
                                  Promenade theatre performance installation
                                  In collaboration with Malgorzata Nowacka & Ulysses Castellanos
                      Scotiabank Studio Theatre (Pia Bouman Studios), Toronto
                      Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts

2011                          Hansel and Gretel ("The Hunger" workshop show #2)
                                  Performance installation in collaboration with
                                  Malgorzata Nowacka & Ulysses Castellanos
                      Gallery 99, 99 Sudbury Street, Toronto
                      Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts

2009                          The Hunger (workshop show #1)
                                  Director-Designer/Production Manager
                      Deleon White Gallery, Toronto
                      Supported by the Ontario Arts Council

                                  Al-Dhatt (research & development)
                                  Multimedia dance theatre piece exploring movement in Arabic calligraphy 
                                  Workshop w/ Irish dance theatre company junk ensemble 
                                  & sound designer, Dublin, Ireland

2006                          Egyptian Fantasia
                                  Co-Artistic Director/Designer/Sound Designer
                      Site-specific promenade theatre fundraising event
                      Commissioned by the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology
                      University College London, UK

2005                          Space is Not Empty (part of “Scenoworks” MA Scenography final show)
                      Multimedia dance theatre performance
                      Cochrane Theatre, London, UK 

                                  Citric City (part of Periferiak Festival)
                                  Devised performance-installation for site-specific 
                                  promenade theatre night, Ollerias, Bilbao, Spain 

2004                          Labyrinth
                                  Dance performance
                      Hackney College, London, UK     


2014                          Legendy / Legends
                      Contemporary dance theatre performance by Kaya Kolodziejczyk
                      Rozbark Theatre, Bytom, Poland

2013                          Speak, Love
                      Contemporary dance performance by Sasha Ivanochko
                      Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto

2010                          Double Bill #2 (Dancemakers)
                      Assistant Designer to scenographer Trevor Schwellnus 
                      Enwave Theatre, Toronto

2009                          MM Radniccy (museum exhibit design firm), Krakow, Poland
                      Exhibition Design Assistant
                                  Working drawings for new permanent exhibit & interior design of
                                  Lublin Archeological Museum

2008/9                       Artform (interdisciplinary design agency aka 64th and Queen), Toronto
                      Set Design Assistant to Callum Maclachlan      
                                  Production design: working drawings & design development
                                  for CBC sets: The National, CBC Newsworld, Walk of Fame

2007                          Michael Levine (theatre & opera designer), Toronto
                      Set Design Assistant

2006                          Perfection (fringe production)
                                  Set Designe
                      Old Red Lion Theatre, London, UK

                                  4:48 Psychosis (fringe production)
                                  5-star critics pick of the week in "London TimeOut")
                                  Set & Costume Designer 
                                  Old Red Lion Theatre & Arcola Theatre, London, UK
                                  Royal Opera House Production Design Internship
                                  Model shop assistant & shadowing PM on Wagner’s Ring Cycle
                                  opera Gotterdammerung
                                  Covent Garden, London, UK

2005/6                       Future Shorts Film Network 
                                  (London-based independent short films label), UK
                                  Associate Artist with Future Cinema live immersive events fusing film,
                                  music & theatre (installations & physical theatre performances in
                                  site-specific locations around the UK) 

                                  Stella Artois “Studio Artois Live” presents The Matrix
                                  Artistic Director
                      Mansion House, Dublin, Ireland 

                                  Stella Artois “Studio Artois Live” Film Festival presents 
                                  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
                      Director of physical theatre performances
                      Greenwich Park, UK   
2001                          Optic 2001
                                  Designer/Coordinator of installations
                                  Once-off multimedia immersive music event for 
                                  U of T & Trucker Magazine
                                  The Warehouse nightclub, Toronto


2013                          Designed house interior, Krakow, Poland

2013                           re:Built Developments, Toronto (contract)
                                   Designed house addition 

2012                           Designed thematic wall installations & architectural graphics 
                                   for family practice clinic waiting area, Orillia, Ontario 

                                   Completed design for kitchen renovation for private residence, Toronto

nov 2010 -                  Taylor Smyth Architects, Toronto
sept 2011                   CUPE Ontario regional office (schematic to tender)
                                   Cedarvale Public School renovation / addition: 
                                   detail development for tender package

jun - aug 2010            Susan Speigel Architect, Toronto (contract)
                                   Worked with team on Toronto Community Housing 
                                   Curb Appeal projects (DD to tender)

may 2010                    Designed & supervised bathroom and hall renovation 
                                    for private residenceToronto

mar - apr 2010            Taylor Smyth Architects, Toronto (contract)
            Completed with team DD & building permit package for Market Street 
            Development (commercial project by St. Lawrence Market):
            restoration / renovation of listed buildings & new addition

oct 2009                      Designed bathroom renovation for private apartment, Krakow, Poland

jun - jul 2009               Designed renovation of upper floor & roof of listed house, 
                                    Killorglin, Ireland
                                    Gulf Consult Architects Engineers Planners, Kuwait
oct - dec 2008             Completed planning of large private residential complex in Wafra;
/ sep 2003 -                 Completed schematic design of private seaside chalet complex;
aug 2004                     Completed DD of exterior elevations for Center for Research and 
                                    Studies on Kuwait (institutional);
            Completed with team schematic masterplan study for the
            Scientific Center extension (recreational);
                                    Designed key outdoor elements for the College of Business Studies

may - aug 2008           Team Project, Toronto (contract)
            Designed with team new office/studio spaces for LIFT
            (Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto)

oct 2007 -                   Giannone Associates Architects, Toronto (contract)
apr 2008                     Designed with team renovation of 
                                   Ontario Science Centre Valley Marketplace
                                   cafeteria interior (schematic to tender package);
                                   Research on sustainable/recycled materials

apr 2006                     Designed flexible studio unit in newly renovated apartment building
                                   Krakow, Poland

jan - july 2007             Donaghy + Dimond Architects, Dublin, Ireland
           Completed design development & tender package for renovation &
           extension works to three-storey Georgian house & garden shed 
           in Ranelagh, Dublin;
           Completed with team design development & building permit package 
           for addition & renovation of (historic) elementary model school 
           in Inchicore, Dublin

dec 2005 -                  Brooks Murray Architects, London, UK
mar 2006                    Worked on design for facade restoration & addition to Victorian 
                                   seaside hotel;
           Worked on schematic design of ext. elevations for six-storey mixed-use
           building in Central London

june 2001 -                 Hariri Pontarini Architects, Toronto
sept 2002                   Designed outdoor architecture / landscaping for private residence
                                   (schematic to working drawings);
                                   Assisted with proposal for U of T Faculty of Law masterplan
                                   drawings, booklet, vision statement;
                                   Worked with team on DD for York University 
                                   Schulich School of Business Resource Center;
                                   Assisted with McKinsey & Co. office millwork 
                                   working drawing package;
                                   Assisted with writing project pursuit vision statements & 
                                   graphic design layouts

fall 1998                      University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
                                   Teaching Assistant to Prof. Kenneth Hayes
                                   2nd year BArch architecture/art history course
                                   "Modern Movements in Architecture

summer 1997              Ministry of Culture and Communications, Hull, Quebec
                                   Ontario-Quebec Summer Student Job Exchange Program
                                   Documentation of libraries in the Hull region


completed 2012          Roll out the croissants  

2006                           Sink a bite into life


2013                           Presented paper at Prague Quadriennale of Performance Design
                                   & Space symposium "Layering Reality: the Right to Mask"

2011                           Translation of text from Polish to English:
                                   synopsis of the history of architecture and urban planning in Kuwait
                                   (foreward to photographic album on contemporary architecture 
                                   in Kuwait)

2010                           Guest speaker: Presentation of documentation from
                                   The Hunger performance project 
                       Fairytales course (Department of English Literature)
                                   University of Winnipeg

2010                           UTS Centennial Play, University of Toronto Schools
                                   Worked with drama teacher and students to create 
                                   thematic entrance lobby installation



2013                          Participated in PragueQuadriennale Sharedspace scenography workshop
                                  Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, Warsaw

2013                          Attended "The Body in Muslim Culture" conference 
                                  University of Warsaw Faculty of Oriental Studies   

2013                          Completed "Visual Grammar Basics" documentary film-making workshop
                                  Doc Story Studio, Toronto

2010                          Attended U of Toronto FALD conference 
                                  "Architecture Therapeutics Aesthetics"

                                  Attended FALD landscape architecture symposium "Innate Terrain"

2009                          Attended Dublin Dance Festival, Ireland

2008                          Trip to Iran (Isfahan area) to research use of calligraphic pattern on
                                  architectural surfaces

2007                          Attended FALD symposium "Ornament: Islamic Traditions &
                                  Contemporary Practice"

                                  Attended Prague Scenography Quadriennale, Czech Republic

2005                          Attended Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

                                  Attended & performed in ACT International Theatre Schools Festival,  
                                  Bilbao, Spain

2003                          Completed film directing workshop, University of Toronto 
                                  Hart House Film Board

                                  Completed manual rendering techniques course,
                                  Ryerson University, Toronto

                                  Attended conference "Theatre by Design: Scenography in Canada"

2002                          Completed video production & post-production workshop,
                                  Trinity Square Video, Toronto

98/00                         Attended Expo 1998 (Lisbon), Expo 2000 (Hanover)

travel                         Travelled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East & 
                                  North/South America